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That's how many ears we've pierced over the past 30 years at more than 3,000 Claires around the world.

How old do I need to be?

Infants will need to be at least 6 months old, with parents or Legal Guardians demonstrating that they have finished their course on immunisation.

Minors under the age of 16 years old will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout, who will need to sign the Claire’s Ear Piercing form. Guardians require proof of guardianship.

Claire’s do not offer Cartilage piercing to anyone under the age of 14 years old (applies to UK& ROI). If you are aged between 14 and 16 you will need your parent or legal guardian to accompany you to fill in the Claire’s ear piercing form Guardians require proof of guardianship.

What or who should I bring with me?

If you are 16 years old and under – bring a parent or legal guardian! Guardians require proof of guardianship.

In some cases we may need to see ID to confirm your age, in this instance we will accept the following forms of identification:

  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Proof of age ID card

Who will pierce my ears?

All Claire’s associates complete an intensive Ear Piercing Training Programme before they can become certified Ear Piercing Specialists. Our piercing earrings are individually packaged and sterilised at a state of the art facility. We wear only single use gloves and all our equipment is cleaned after each use.

What are my ear piercing options?

At Claire’s we offer a wide variety of ear piercings so that you can achieve the look you want. To help you achieve your perfect piercing, here’s our definitive guide:

Single lobe piercing – This is a single piercing on one ear. All Styles are available for single piercing.

Pair lobe piercing – This is a single piercing on both ears.

Duel lobe piercing – Is exclusive to Claire’s. It involves two ear piercing specialists piercing both ears simultaneously and is a great option for young children, just ask us for details.
We recommend booking this service with your chosen stores to avoid disappointment.

Second lobe Piercing – You love your first lobe piercing and you want another? Why not!

Cartilage – This is located at the top of your ear, the flat section near the natural curve of your ear. Our ear piercing specialist will talk you through the perfect placement. Age Restrictions apply

What do I need to do?


Once all your relevant forms are complete our ear piercing specialist will clean and mark your earlobe and give you time to check the position and confirm you are happy. Once you agree that it’s the perfect spot, the piercing itself is over in an instant. Afterwards the ear piercing specialist will coach you on how to take care of your new piercing.

Tell me about the instrument…

At Claire’s we use the Studex System 75 instrument and earrings ensuring quality, safety and hygienic piercing for all of our customers.

Earrings are loaded into a disposable, single use cartridge meaning the instrument does not come into contact with your skin at any point. All earrings are pre- sterilised for hygienic and effective piercing.

The instrument is controlled by hand pressure, so no surprises!

Will it hurt?

All Claire’s piercing earring posts have ultra-fine points that pierce gently and promote fast healing. The ear piercing is fast, gentle and few people feel any discomfort.


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Ear Piercing care

To make sure your piercing heals perfectly, use our Ear Care guide

As part of your Claire’s Ear Piercing Starter Kit, you will receive a large bottle of Claire’s Ear Care Solution. This gentle solution has been specially formulated to help with healing newly pierced ears without stinging, burning or irritating.

  • The Do's & Dont's

    Following the simple after care steps below is one of the most important parts of your Ear Piercing experience. A copy will also be given to you on your Ear Piercing Registration Form.


    Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your newly pierced ears and earrings

    Clean the front and back of your piercing at least three times per day

    Use a generous amount of the solution on a cotton wool pad; make sure you get in between the earring and ear lobe

    The twist! Holding the front of the earring, make sure that you turn your earrings half turns each way, two to three times per day. This will help with healing and avoid potential problems. This should be only done when cleaning the ears


    Remove the butterfly or earring back during cleaning

    Push the butterfly back on too far. The tip of the post should be covered and secured in the safety notch

  • What should I avoid?

    Always try to keep your new piercing free from soap, perfume and hair products. Rinsing your ears after a bath or shower will and keep ears clean and earrings sparkly.

    We suggest that you avoid swimming for 24 hours after your piercing and thereafter make sure you clean your ears with your Claire’s Ear Care Solution after swimming.

    Be sure to take care when brushing your hair, exercising or sports, talking on your phone, sleeping or wearing headphones.

  • How long should I wait?

    A new ear piercing is so exciting, and we know you will be keen to try out new styles soon. It is really important that you give your ears time to heal.

    For lobe piercing it is necessary to wait 6 weeks before taking them out.

    For cartilage you will need to leave your piercing earring in for at least 12 weeks before removing to ensure that piercing has fully healed.

  • What to do if…?

    Straight after your piercing it is normal for the area to feel hot and maybe a little sore.

    If, however, after 24 hours you have any swelling, redness or find your piercing painful, please seek medical advice immediately without removing your ear piercing earring just to be on the safe side.

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